DC Harnai urges scholars for creating awareness against corona vaccination among people

QUETTA: Deputy Commissioner Harnai Suhail Anwar Hashmi urged the people to take part in the ongoing campaign of the government to protect themselves and their families from coronavirus. In this regard, the scholars should also play their role and create awareness about vaccination to protect the people from this epidemic in their Friday sermons as there is no success without the cooperation of the people, he added.

He expressed these views while talking to officers at his office here Monday.

The DC said it is our collective responsibility to do our part and fulfil this mission of the government in the true sense of words so that a healthy society can be created in the area, saying corona vaccination is a new hope. “Unless we all show seriousness about vaccination, we will continue to be the victims of this deadly epidemic, ” he told.

The Deputy Commissioner said the people should protect themselves from coronavirus through the orders of the provincial government and the vaccination process will be completed as soon as possible. Harnai district administration has become more active while centres for corona vaccination have been set up at various places and vaccination of people from all walks of life is in full swing, he added.

The DC said the third wave of coronavirus has been reduced but not completely eradicated so we need to take precautionary measures against the virus, saying it could spread from one person to many people and the whole area.

The citizens should not only wear masks and keep social distancing but they should get vaccinated in maximum number against corona, he said and added that currently, corona vaccines were proving to be effective all over the world.

Suhail said we need to get as many vaccinations as possible to protect ourselves and our families from the deadly virus so that we could avoid this deadly virus.

On this occasion, he also paid a surprise visit to Harnai Bazaar and inspected the corona standard operating procedures (SOPs), where he issued strict instructions to adopt masks and social distances.

In addition, free masks were distributed among the citizens by the district administration. Deputy Commissioner Harnai Suhail Anwar Hashmi said that citizens should adopt corona SOPs especially while sending children to schools and tell them about the precautionary measures to be taken to stay in school so that normal life of every citizen could be restored.