Early referral may prevent permanent disabilities

PESHAWAR:Chairman Mahboob Medical Institute and Habib Physiotherapy

Complex Dr. Mehboob-ur-Rehman said early referral in paralyzed cases could prevent patients from permanent disabilities.

He said diseases like CVA, Stroke, Polio and Cerebral Palsy and other accidental injuried could be checked if referred for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

As at early stage, muscle power and neurological development are possible and contracture, deformities could be prevented.

He expressed his views that unfortunately the referral system in our culture was quite poor. The patients are discharged from the hospital without any rehabilitation program, where they get bed sore, contractures and deformities and the mobility and restoration for whole life becomes impossible.

It was stated about Habib Physiotherapy Complex, Peshawar that it provided admission facilities to CV or Stroke patients where they were on their feet aftera few weeks without any complications.

He stressed the government to focus on this neglected sector where a major portion of community becomes crippled. The rehabilitation is important component of Primary Health Care as per WHO criteria.