Entire world appreciating Pakistan stance, Indian narrative totally rejected: Fawad

ISLAMABAD:Federal Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Thursday said that the entire world has appreciated Pakistan’s stance during the recent stand-off with

India while Indian narrative has been totally rejected across the world.

Briefing about the cabinet meeting decisions at the Parliament House, the minister said that international press, which in the past used to be hostile, has been appreciating Pakistan’s steps for de-escalation of tensions in the region whereas Narender Modi and India have become a laughing stock.

The minister said that work on National Action Plan (NAP) was underway since 2014, but due to certain reasons, it was not in the media focus. The minister said that as far as implementation of the NAP was concerned, merger of Federally Administered Tribal Areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhaw was a major step.

He said the Cabinet decided to take opposition on the national security issues and strategy about action against proscribed outfits would be finalized in consultations with the parliamentary leaders of the political parties.

He said that under the NAP, it has been made clear that Pakistan’s will not allow anyone to use its soil against any other country.

He said that there was consensus and the national unity and the Cabinet decided to maintain that the spirit in future as well. He said that Pakistan wanted to improve its economy and for achievement that goal, consensus and unity in the country was crucial. He said the activities of proscribed organizations had already been banned in the country. However, in order to ensure compliance with Financial Action Task Force, additional measures were being taken.

He said that the cases against PML-N and PPP leadership had been registered during their own tenure which were under investigation in the past and now they have started maturing and action was being taken against the accused. Moreover, he said that National Accountability Bureau was an independent institution and its officials were not appointed by the present government and it has nothing to do with the actions of the Bureau.

He said that during the cabinet meeting the Prime Minister Imran Khan directed Punjab government to provide best medical treatment to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif.

The minister quoted Prime Minister Imran Khan as saying that Nawaz should be treated in the hospital and by the doctor of his choice and the recommendations of medical board should also be implemented.

He said that the PTI government did not believe in victimization of political opponents and renewal of Air Blue license in the meeting was manifestation of this fact.

He said that it was strange that despite remaining in power for three decades, the PML-N leaders could not build even a single hospital where they could be treated. He said if such situation would have arose in any other country, the political careers of the persons responsible, would have to an end.

Elaborating about the decisions taken by the Cabinet, he said the meeting discussed the landmark achievements and objectives set by the present government. The Minister said Prime Minister emphasized to devise policies to save the poor segments of society from the inflation. In this regard, a poverty alleviation program is being finalized that will be announced soon.He said Ministry of Law is working on various bills relating to human rights and these will be tabled soon into parliament. He said the cabinet approved the decisions of ECC taken in its meeting. He said Asim Saeed has been appointed Managing Director Pakistan Software Export Board.