Japan awards ‘MEXT Research Scholarships’ to 10 Pakistani students

ISLAMABAD: Japan Friday awarded MEXT Research Scholarships for masters and doctorate degrees (2019-2021) to 10 Pakistani students in their respective fields at prominent Japanese universities.

Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan Kuninori Matsuda handed over travel documents to the students at annual reception, held here at his residence in honor of the members of MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP) and to bid farewell to the fresh scholarship grantees.

MEXT – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan – awards have been awarded to the students to help them pursue higher studies.

The Japanese embassy, earlier, organized a pre-departure orientation for the scholarship grantees who will shortly leave for Japan to undertake their studies.

Pakistani alumni of the Japanese universities were also invited at the orientation who shared their knowledge and experience of studying and living in Japan with the young scholarship grantees.

The ambassador congratulated the fresh scholarship recipients and expressed the hope that they would return to Pakistan to utilize the knowledge and expertise gained in Japan and work for the progress and development of the country.

He hoped that the students would serve as “bridges of friendship” between the two countries.

Ambassador Matsuda said the fresh scholar grantees might face some difficulties initially because of the language barrier and the difference of life style in Japan.

However, he added, friendship and hospitality of the Japanese people would help them adjust there.

He also asked the fresh scholarship recipients to join hands with MAAP upon their return to further promote strong ties between Japanese and Pakistanis.

The Japan’s MEXT Research Scholarships was launched in 1954. The first Pakistani student went to Japan on scholarship in 1963, and up till now a large number of Pakistani students have successfully returned to home after obtaining their PhD/Master’s degrees. They are actively working in the academia, public and private sectors and have made significant contribution in the development of Pakistan in various fields as well as in strengthening friendly relationship between Japan and Pakistan.

Japan awards graduate and post graduate fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students every year besides offering several short-term scholarships and training courses round the year.

The alumni members recalled the experience and said the visit to Japan provided them rich wide-ranging experience that helped them a great deal in their professional lives.