PBCC still awaits for country’s only Blind Cricket Stadium

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) still awaits for the country’s first and only Blind Cricket Stadium at Lahore to be handed over to them.

“This stadium is located at Ferozpur, Lahore and is under construction since 2016. It’s been more than five years and the cost spent on the stadium up till now was 75 million and still its incomplete,” PBCC Chairman Syed Sultan Shah told reporter on Sunday.

Sultan said, “We have written letters to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab government in this regard. 90 percent construction work of the cricket stadium was completed but the field which was the most important thing is still in progress,” he said if the stadium was handed over to us then we can get it completed through our sponsors.

“It is the first-ever cricket stadium for the visually impaired players in the world, where the two times World Champs (Pakistan Blind Cricket Team) will do regular practice and play matches at their own will and ease,” he said.

Sultan, who was also the President World Blind Cricket Ltd said the stadium was built considering the universal design that it is inherently accessible to people with visual impairment. “This stadium will also provide access to blind sportswomen, blind school kids and visually impaired youth in a conducive and safe environment. A blind cricket training and coaching academy will also commence there,” he said.

Sultan also said that PBCC has asked Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to raise its annual budget to Rs 19.2 million as to meet the games growing expenditures. “PBCC’s current budget is Rs 17 million which has not been increased since many years,” he said. He said they wanted to raise the amount of the central contracts paid to the players and the staff salaries which has not been increased since five years.

“Currently, PBCC is paying Rs 12,000 to Category A players while Rs 10,000 to Category B and Rs 9,000 to Category C, respectively,” he said.

He said PBCC had written the letter to PCB for raise in annual budget in early June. “We have been in contact with the PCB Director Cricket Operations who has informed us that he has yet to receive the PCB budget which was passed on June 30,” he claimed.