PPP lacks courage to talk on its performance: Haleem Adil

KARACHI: We have told the performance of every day of our first 100 days in the government but the PPP has no courage to tell people about its performance, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter general secretary and parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly here Friday.

Addressing a crowded press conference in the Karachi Press Club (KPC), he said that we have presented ourselves before the masses. We have achieved many goals and our direction is correct.

He said if in their 3750 days Bilawal had taken U-turns today they have not received so many notices. He said today many family members of the PPP leaders and their ministers are wanted to the NAB. He said now Bilawal is afraid of the NAB and he is asking them to send him questionnaire instead of bravely facing the Bureau.

Haleem Adil said in the Benami accounts of the PPP leaders money looted from the children of Thar was deposited. He said the electricity bills of the Bilawal House are also paid from the money looted from people. He said when we staged a rally in favor of the sugarcane growers ‘the Uncle Sugar’ sent ‘the Aunty Corruption’ after us, but we are not afraid of these tricks and we would continue to raise voice for the rights of the poor.

He asked what the financial position of the Omni Group before 2008 was. He said the money was looted and sent aboard using dirty money laundering channels. He said it would be soon known to the public who looted money and he will be made accountable for every penny of it.

He said today is founding day of PPP. He said the PPP was founded in Lahore and in last election this party got just 1400 votes from Lahore. He said in Sindh the PPP leaders are using government vehicles in their party’s founding day program. He said the PPP is now a small party limited to a few districts in one province.

He said the NAB is an autonomous body and there are lot of hidden matters of corruption for which a JIT is being formed. He said the PPP rulers of Sindh gave a subsidy of Rs1.7bilion to Omni Group in captive power sector, besides loans of Rs77billion.

He said during last 10 years the PPP rulers looted the government kitty. He said everyone knows who the finance minister of Sindh is. He said 1596 inquiries are pending with the Sindh anti-corruption department and these inquiries are not being taken to save the skin corruption mafia of Sindh. He said till now no action is taken by this department against any PPP minister and no any big leader of this party is yet arrested.

Haleem Adil said in land grabbing in Sindh a notice was served to Syed Qaim Ali Shah, who himself is not a corrupt person, but people like Aftab Pathan, Anwar Majeed and Muzzaffar Tappi are the known corrupt figures. He said a JIT should be formed to probe against all people facing corruption charges incuding me. He said the corrupt leaders of PPP should be made accountable for 3750 days. He said we have already answered for our 100 days.

He said the food department of Sindh has no wheat stock and people are dying of hunger. He said due to corruption many RO plants are closed. He said poor people are committing suicides in Sindh. He said we will make the rulers accountable for these suicides. He said children die due to non-availability of vaccine.

He said in Thar budget is given only to 31 dispensaries. He said in 10 years the education sector has been ruined. According to the Auditor General a corruption of Rs4billion was made in education department alone in 2017. He said irrigation department is being run by a lackey. He said the CEO of Thar Coal tendered resignation due to corrupt rulers.

PTI leader Mahfouz Ursani said the PPP devastated agriculture and burned the revenue record. He said Sabzi Mandis were occupied illegally. He said Omni Group occupied sugar mills of Sindh. He said loans taken in the grab of sick industries were got written off by the PPP rulers. He said irrigation sector was damaged to benefit PPP feudal lords.

However, Haleem Adil said we have been in the political arena since 1992 and we are ready to face any sort of accountability. He said we have taken tough decisions and we will run the country in right direction. He said we will bring looted money from abroad. He said the looters and plunders are responsible for devaluation of rupee. He said sugar mills in Punjab do not belong to the PTI.

He said taking U-turns is a sign of intellect. He said the PPP did not take U-turns and now it is facing courts. He said oil rates are lowered today and we will give more relief. He said we are facing internal and external challenges but we will overcome them.