3,498 organizations apply for registration in ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ program

ISLAMABAD:A total of 3,498 organizations have applied for registration in ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ program as part of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) process of elections.

The PFF Normalization Committee (NC) has geared up the process of elections, which has resulted in enhancing the club registration process under ‘Pakistan Football Connect.’

It has been more than three weeks since PFF NC commenced the initiative. A total of 3,498 organizations have applied for registration in the ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ program of which 514 were under verification whereas 1,848 have given response with additional information about their respective organization. As soon as the club completes its registration process, it will be given access to the portal, said a press release.

Saud Hashmi, a member of the Normalization Committee and the head of Pakistan Football Connect said, “We are really thankful to the football community for the overwhelming response to Pakistan Football Connect. Complete your applications by the end of September in order to get access to the Pakistan Football Connect in October.”

“The way the club organizers have shown interest in the program is matchless and commendable as with this, we will now be able to put Pakistan football into a new era.

He said PFF NC was trying its best to complete the election process as soon as they can. “Every individual will have a very bright future ahead through this Connect program and will represent the country in international events as well as the world’s one of the best football leagues,” he said.