7day Pakistan Youth Festival on Jan 23

KARACHI:Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi is going to kick start Pakistan Youth Festival on January 23 which will continue till January 29.

This was announced in a press conference by renowned intellectual and humorist, Anwar Maqsood, Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, and Arts Council Secretary Ijaz Farooqui at Haseena Moin Hall here on Friday.

Ahmad Shah said Arts Council organizes 550 programmes in a year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the youth festival missed a few episodes, but its now being kick-started on January 23.

The last festival was attended by some 50,000 youth. “Youth are the future of this country and Arts Council has always provided them with opportunities to develop their skills,” he added.

He said the prize money for the successful youth in this festival has been increased to 200,000 rupees and those who cannot get the position will be given a three-year diploma for free.

Ahmad Shah said all the students of the city universities and colleges are invited to participate in this festival. Talented youths, who are not studying at any institution and want to participate in any field, are also welcome.

He said from January 23, auditions will be started in the fields, including essay writing, declamation Urdu & workshop, painting, photography, dance, singing, and acting.

Various bands and singers including Asim Azhar, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Kaifi Khalil, Wahab Bugti, Natasha Baig, Sahir Ali Baga, Arman Rahim, Afaq Adnan, AUJ, and Kashmir Band will perform at the festival.

Anwar Maqsood said this is the first competition in which migrant youths are also participating.

Appreciating the Arts Council’s performance, Maqsood said no matter what the law and order situation was in this city of

30 million people, the council always continued its work of providing opportunities to youth to showcase their skills and talent.