Artist community condemns burning of Radio building


PESHAWAR:The artist community in Peshawar expressed their deep regret and condemned the burning of the Radio Pakistan building on May 9.

In a recent gathering at the Radio building, artists were briefed on the events of the incident and they spoke out against those responsible for such actions.

The artists said that the individuals involved in the burning of the Radio Pakistan building were neither true Pakistanis nor patriotic.

Renowned singer Ahmed Gul Ustad and Wagma strongly denounced the perpetrators, stating that their actions not only targeted a vital institution but also caused irreparable damage to the nation's heritage.

They said the building not only represents a physical structure but also symbolizes the voice of the nation and its people.

The incident on May 9 was an attempt to suppress the voice of the nation, they added.

The artist community urged the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.