Chairman PHHSA urges policy intervention to export surplus food products to global market

ISLAMABAD Chairman of the Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA) Shahzad Ali Malik Thursday stressed the need for policy intervention for exporting surplus food products to the global market, which would not only address domestic overproduction but also tap into the increasing demand for quality agricultural products worldwide.

Taking to a delegation of progressive farmers here today, he said, “Pakistan’s diverse range of crops, including rice, maize, fruits, and spices, positions it favorably to cater to the varied needs of international markets.”

He said, “Pakistan has consistently demonstrated agricultural prowess, resulting in surplus yields of various crops,” according to a press release issued here.

“Capitalizing on this abundance presents a promising avenue to strengthen the country’s economic standing through increased foreign exchange earnings,” he added.

Ali Malik said, “To effectively harness this opportunity, it is crucial to implement streamlined export policies, invest in modern ag
ricultural practices, and ensure adherence to international quality standards.”

He said, “Establishing strong trade partnerships, participating in global agricultural events, and marketing Pakistani produce as high-quality, organic, and sustainable can significantly enhance the country’s presence in the international market.”

He said, “Exporting surplus food is a pragmatic approach to bolstering Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves.”

“By embracing innovation, adhering to international standards, and fostering strategic partnerships, Pakistan can solidify its position as a reliable and competitive player in the global agricultural market,” he remarked.