City School Hayatabad Junior Branch Peshawar Campus hold Graduation ceremony

PESHAWAR:Head of the City School Hayatabad Junior Branch Mehwish Shoukat has said that no nation can develop without education and appreciated Headmistress Zainab Ali Akhbar for holding different activities for the personal development of the students.

She was addressing the graduation ceremony organized in The City School Hayatabad Junior Branch Peshawar. The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The chief guest of the event, Mehwish Shaukat, Cluster Head of the City School, took a special part in the event.

The headmistress Zainab Ali Akbar, teachers of the school and the parents of the children participated in large numbers. Miss Mehwish Shaukat, in her address said that no nation can develop without education.

She said that the youth will play a key role in taking over the future of the country. Zainab Ali Akbar, Head of The City School also addressed the purpose of organizing such activities was not only regarding the academic achievements of the students rather it was also for personal development.

It is very important to hold such events to increase the confidence of the students so that students could face the issues in the future life.

“We are feeling proud of the excellent performances and hopefully it will be repeated in the near future as well,” she added. Mehwish Shaukat, Zainab Ali Akbar awarded certificates and medals to the students in the graduation ceremony and the children were grouped with their parents. On this occasion, the parents of the students paid tribute to the school administration for organizing this event and appreciated their efforts.