Confusions created by Imran Khan going to end in few days: Sharjeel Memon

KARACHI:Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon on Tuesday said that elections will be held in 2023 after the completion of the constitutional term of the coalition government while confusion created by Imran Khan was going to end in the coming few days.

The minister in a statement issued here commented that the fake long march has become ineffective and its phony status has been revealed before the public as well and even Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi admitted that the long march has ended.

Imran Khan has given big surprises to the nation like theft of watches, theft of wheat, theft of sugar, and money laundering, Sharjeel Memon said and asked “What big surprise Imran Khan has to unfold on November 26”.

He said that Imran Khan should pray for his safety as he already has been declared disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan and now he could not avoid the repercussions of Tosha Khana scam as it seemed that Imran Khan was going to be ineligible for life.

Memon asserted that Imran Khan was striving to avoid corruption cases but it was not possible now and the rest of Imran Khan’s life would be spent in courts and behind bars.

He accused that Imran Khan, Farah Gogi and their cabinet members kept making demands from the Dubai-based personality after deal of the watch. Imran Khan did not earn as much money from cricket as he earned from selling Tosha Khana presents, Sharjeel noted adding that it has also been heard that Imran Khan had sold the gold medal he received from India in cricket.

All the facts show that selling valuable gifts and honours was an old habit of Imran Khan, he further added.

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