District admin Abbottabad, AMC join hands for inmate mental health, rehabilitation

ABBOTTABAD: In a collaborative effort, the district administration of Abbottabad on Sunday joined hands with Ayub Medical Complex (AMC) and organized a two-day session within the premises of the district jail Abbottabad. The primary objective of this initiative was to enhance the mental health and overall well-being of incarcerated individuals, with a strong emphasis on their rehabilitation. Additional Deputy Commissioner for Relief and Human Rights Abbottabad Rabia Sajjad played a pivotal role in facilitating the session. This collaborative endeavour involved the Psychiatry Department of Ayub Medical Complex. Throughout the two-day event, mental health experts engaged in meaningful conversations with the inmates attentively listened to their concerns and provided counseling and medication advice. The overarching goal was to contribute to the rehabilitation of inmates, enabling them to become positive contributors to society upon their release. Highlighting the significance of inmate rehabilitation, and facilities provision, and acknowledging the continuous efforts of the jail administration in these domains, the Additional Deputy Commissioner underscored the commitment to creating a conducive environment for the betterment of those within the justice system.

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