1.18 mln fake calls received by Rescue 1122 during 2019

FAISALABAD: Atleast 1.18 million fake calls were received by Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Faisalabad during the current year.

Rescue 1122 spokesman said here Saturday that Rescue 1122 was an important service which helps the ailing humanity in case of emergency but unserious elements of the society were teasing the department through fake and irrelevant calls.

He said that Rescue 1122 responded to more than 76,983 emergency calls during current year, out of these calls, 44,643 calls were of medical emergency, 22,696 calls of road traffic accidents, 1274 calls of fire incidents, 2271 calls of violation incidents, 100 calls of building collapse, 59 calls of drowning incidents, 7 calls of cylinder blasts and 5,934 calls of miscellaneous incidents.

He further said that Rescue 1122 dealt 81,139 patients during 2019 including shifting 45,681 patients to various hospitals and providing first aid treatment to 32,934 patients on the spot.

Responding to yet another query, the spokesman said that 2996 persons were killed in various incidents including 166 persons in road traffic accidents up till now during 2019. The average quick response time of Rescue 1122 is 3.5 minutes, while its vehicle reaches at the accident site in 6.5 minutes averagely in Faisalabad, he added.