1100 cops performing security duties in city markets

RAWALPINDI:- Police have made elaborate security arrangements to guard citizens visiting city markets for Eid shopping.

According to police spokesman, a comprehensive security plan has been formulated under which 1100 police personnel and officers are performing security duties in commercial areas of the town.

He said, Eid ul Azha is approaching fast and the residents are seen thronging shopping malls and visiting cattle markets to purchase sacrificial animals. Eid shopping has gained momentum in all major markets and bazaars of the city and in order to ensure security of the citizens, all available resources are being utilized.

It is pertinent to mention here that the citizens particularly women and children are busy in buying clothes, footwear, cosmetics, henna, bangles and other items. While men are visiting makeshift cattle markets to buy goats, sheeps and other animals for Eid ul Azha sacrifice.

The girls are witnessed at bangles and henna stalls in various markets of the city.

The shopkeepers have decorated their shops with colourful lights to attract customers.

Abid said, “It’s difficult to buy sacrificial animal as well as clothes and other items with prevailing price-hike limiting me to buy clothes only for my children, he added”.

Robina, a visitor to the Commercial Market said, “Buying bangles

and henna was always a great Eid thrill every year, I will spend almost the whole night (Chand Raat) with my family members and friends, visiting markets and buying bangles and other things,” she added.

She said the shopkeepers were exploiting the Eid shopping frenzy

and overcharging the customers.

A shopkeeper Shoukat at Tench Bhatta bazaar said a great number of shoppers were thronging the markets and the shopkeepers were having a good business nowadays.