1369 shopkeepers arrested in crackdown on profiteers

PESHAWAR: The district administration has arrested 1365 shopkeepers including butchers, bakers, milkmen, fruit & vegetable sellers and grocers during crackdown on profiteers during Ramzan.

In light of the orders of Peshawar High Court Chief Justice, Justice Qaiser Rasheed Khan, the district administration has geared up crackdown on profiteers and has checked 6091 business centrres during the period of last twenty days, said a news release issued here on Sunday.

Beside, arresting 558 butchers, 187 milkmen and 620 other shopkeepers including fruit & vegetable seller, bakers and grocers, the administration has also collected fines amounting to Rs 2.736 million and sealed 296 shops and business centres in the district.

For ensuring relief to people, the officers of district administration are visiting fruit and vegetable markets during wee hours on daily basis, supervise bidding process and then issue official price list.

Furthermore, during day time, officers of district administration visit bazaars to ensure the implementation of price list and taking action against violators and profiteers.