14 accused detained

FAISALABAD: As many as 14 persons involved in decanting, selling open petrol and kite-making were detained during the last 24 hours.

According to police, Usman was arrested from Babar Chowk, Khalil from Iron market, Kashif and Akhtar from Sana Park Ghulam Muhammad Abad No 2, Afnan from Millat College road, Muzaffar Hussain from Madanpura, Mushtaq from Siddhupura, Abdul Khaliq and Riaz from Kabutranwala chowk, Arsalan from Faizabad, Waqas from Sitara chowk, Asad Shabir from chak 117-JB, Usman from chak 203-RB.

A kite manufacturer Abdul Ghafoor was also nabbed while carrying kites and string rolls.