17 lawbreakers including three renting rules violators netted

RAWALPINDI:- Police have arrested 17 lawbreakers including three renting rules violators besides recovering 560 grams charras, 55 liters liquor, five pistols 30 bore with 21 rounds and fire works items from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, R.A.Bazar police netted Imran for having 380 grams charras. Rawat police rounded up Waseem with 180 grams charras.

Rattamral police recovered 10 liters liquor from the possession of Kamran and seven liters liquor from Tazeem. Naseerabad police rounded up Umar for carrying 30 liters liquor. Saddar Wah police also recovered eight liters liquor from Akbar.

Gungmandi police arrested a wall-chalking ban violator namely Umar while Bani police nabbed Javed, Arslan and Imran who were renting rules violators.

Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons and fire works items.