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17 outlaws arrested in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI:In a crackdown against anti social elements, Police have arrested 17 outlaws and recovered drugs, weapons, liquor and kites from their possession here on Sunday.

According to police spokesman, Naseerabad police held Karman and recovered 2,000 gram charas from his possession while Civil Line Police arrested Inam and recovered 170 kites from his custody.

Similarly, Pirwadhi police arrested Fayyaz and recovered 200 kites from his possession. Bani police also recovered 110 kites by one Khalid.

During a raid, R.A Bazaar police arrested Amir and recovered 5 liter liquor from his possession. Race Course police held Hanak Khan and recovered 20 liter liquor from his possession.

Naseerabad held Samoon and recovered a pistol 30 bore along 5 rounds from his possession.

Ganjmandi police nabbed Javed Khan and recovered a pistol 30 bore and two rounds from his custody and the same police also arrested Muhammad Zada and recovered pistol of 30 bore and 3 rounds from him.

Shraz and Nauman were arrested for having weapons and police recovered two pistols, 30 bore and 5 rounds from their possession.

Chuntra police held Salmat and recovered a Kalashnikov and a rifle of 7mm from his possession while same police held Pervez and recovered Kalashnikov and 125 rounds from his possession.

Sadiqabad police arrested Naeem and recovered 700 kites and 7 strings from his possession and the same police held Saifan and Ibrahim and recovered 150 kites and 2 strings from both of them.

Police have registered separate cases against all of them and started investigation.