283 criminal gangs’ members netted in 2017; 535 search operations conducted, 2723 nabbed under NAP

RAWALPINDI: District police in their crackdowns against anti-social elements netted 283 criminals gangs’ members during 2017 and also launched 535 special search operations besides arresting 2723 persons under National Action Plan (NAP).

According to a police spokesman, Rawalpindi district police in their efforts to control crime busted a number of inter-district and inter-provincial gangs besides arresting their 283 members during 2017 while total 18,132 cases including 2952 property cases were registered in different police stations of the district.

Police recovered over Rs 4. 8 million cash stolen money, 1100 dollars, 37 motorcycles, four vehicles, 55 mobile phones, stolen gold ornaments worth millions of rupees, other goods worth Rs 600,000, two laptops, three cameras, 176 pistols, 10 revolvers, a rifle, five daggers and 826 rounds of different bores from the possession of the arrested persons.

Out of total 22 kidnapping cases registered in different police stations of the district, 24 out of total 27 abducted persons were recovered safely and the kidnappers were sent behind the bars, he said adding, due to effective strategy of the police, kidnapping for ransom cases had been controlled considerably as just two such cases were registered in the district. The abductees were recovered safely and the kidnappers were netted, he added.

He further said, solid steps were taken to control bank dacoities and there was only one case reported in the district during the period. He claimed that there was no petrol pump robbery case during last year.

The spokesman informed that 139 street crime cases were registered during 2017 in the district. As many as 92 FIRs for vehicle snatching were also registered while total 21 dacoity cases were lodged during the year. 134 FIRs were registered under 382PPC and 347 robbery cases.

To a question he informed that total 1317 vehicles and motorcycles theft cases were reported in different police stations of the district while there were 944 burglary cases in Rawalpindi district during last year.

He said, out of total items looted in dacoities worth over Rs 15. 8, police succeeded to recover over Rs9. 8 million while in robbery cases, of over Rs 120 million losses police recovered over Rs 70. 8 million costly items and cash.

He told that 3412 proclaimed offenders including 699 most wanted involved in heinous crimes were nabbed during 2017.

To another question he said, total 8093 applications were submitted in City Police Officer’s Complaint Cell and in Khuli katchehries during 2017 while after preliminary investigation 466 FIRs were registered against the accused.

He said, CPO appreciated work of the cops who showed excellent performance and they were awarded cash prizes and appreciation certificates while on bad reputation and negligent performance, 886 police officials were given different departmental punishments including dismissal from service.

Rawalpindi District Police on special directives of Regional Police Officer, Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja and City Police Officer Rawalpindi Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi launched 535 special search operations in different parts of the district during last year and netted 2723 accused under National Action Plan (NAP).

Police searched 61,988 houses, 846 hotels, three hostels, five ‘Sirayas’ while over 189,260 persons were interrogated and checked. 122 cases were registered against the accused for having illegal weapons and 49 on recovery of drugs.

12 foreign nationals were sent behind the bars. 180 cases registered against violators of different rules. Total 530 accused were rounded up in search operations.

He informed that under National Action Plan, district police

registered FIRs against 54 violators of Sound System Ordinance, 187 wall-chalking

ban violators, 480 renting rules violators. 255 cases for not making proper security arrangements at important places were also lodged.

Similarly, 1458 persons booked for possessing illegal weapons and four for their hate speeches. Total 2723 rules violators were arrested under NAP during 2017.