363 ‘criminals’ arrested during last month

SARGODHA: The district police arrested 363 alleged criminals during April 2021 and recovered 90-kg narcotics, 2, 948 litres of liquor and 206 weapons from them.

Police officials said on Sunday that teams of various police stations arrested 158 drug-pushers and recovered 65.43-kg hashish, 12.41-kg opium, 13-kg heroin and 2, 948 litres of liquor from them.

Also, during an operation against weapon holders, the police arrested 205 persons and seized 206 weapons including 143 30-bore pistols, seven Kalashnikovs, 16 rifles of 222-bore, 444-bore and 223-bore, 36 12-bore guns, two revolvers, two carbine and 1, 571 cartridges from them.