478 brick kilns converted to zigzag technology in Kasur

KASUR: In a crackdown against old technology brick kilns, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) got 478 kilns converted to new eco-friendly zigzag technology, registered 38 FIRs, sealed 150 kilns and imposed a fine of Rs 180, 000 on the owners for not converting their kiln houses to the latest technology.

Talking to reporter here on Sunday, EPD Assistant Director Kasur Nouman Younus said that 478 kilns, out of the total 501

had been switched to latest technology. The EPD also got registered 38 FIRs against brick kilns in the district.

He said no leniency would be exercised against those who pollute the environment by running brick kilns on bull trench technology.

The EPD assistant director said the remaining kilns would soon be shifted to zigzag technology.

The Kasur district was currently number one in Punjab in terms of transfer of kilns to eco-friendly zigzag technology, he added.