80% of heart patients live in South Asia

RAWALPINDI: 80% of the world heart patients live in South Asia as people in the region have narrow blood arteries.

The information in this regard was shared at a seminar organized by Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) on the occasion of World Heart Day here Friday.

A walk and a seminar was organized under the supervision of Chief Executive Officer Major General ® Dr. AzharMehmood Kiani.

Dr. Kiani led the walk along with doctors, nurses, paramedics and citizens. Talking to media, he said the problem occurs in the arteries as fats begin to accumulate in the arteries from age of two years onwards. Similarly unhealthy lifestyle is a major reason behind a sharp increase of heart patients in the region.

Most of the people die of heart diseases in the world. Substandard food items in the market including junk food that contains bulk of calories has a hazardous impact on the heart.

He said in the past, heart disease use to occur in the age of 50 and above but at present youngsters between 20-40 years are now suffering from heart attacks.

The reason being unhealthy diet including poor quality food, substandard ghee used in cooking, highly cholesterol meals and lack of exercise.

He said 60 out of 100 heart patients in serious condition are able to reach hospital while 40 patients die on the way because mostly the people don’t have the idea about symptoms of a heart attack and angina which bars them from taking prompt action.

Dr Kiani said in case of chest pain during exercise, lifting heavy weight, in anger or during sleep the victim must consult a cardiologist to prevent heart attack.

If any person in the family has a history of heart disease, then there are fifty percent chances for his children to be carrier of the disease. Heart disease, he said is not a curable disease rather a controllable disease that can be overcome with proper treatment and abstinence. He said there must be a persistent walk of 30 minutes every day or at least five days a week, while walking and cycling are preferable rather than joining a Gym. He said overweight people, diabetic and high blood pressure patients must control their weight, diabetes level and blood pressure.

People must avoid indulging in futile problems and live a happy life as frustration and resentment on petty issues also leads to heart disorders.