800 school principals from Peshwar briefed about causes of dengue, preventive measures

PESHAWAR: As a part of mass awareness campaign regarding dengue, some 800 male and female school principals from district Peshawar were briefed by experts at Nishtar hall here on Wednesday.

According to a press release issued here, Assist. Professor Dr. Iftikhar while addressing the gathering highlighted background of the epidemic and said even developed countries were confronting dengue and huge amounts were being spent to eradicate the menace.

Explaining the ways and means of controlling dengue, Dr. Iftikhar said the circle involving eggs, larvae and adult mosquitos needed to be broken.

He added that mosquitos’ eggs for being microscopic could not be seen or destroyed. Similarly, he added that fogging or fumigation as well was not a permanent solution as it could result in 9% success only whereas on the other hand it was injurious to health.

He made it clear that the most effective way to control dengue was to opt for permanent mechanical solution like destroying the breeding sites.

He urged the teachers to first protect their immediate families and then pass on the message to other teachers and their students.

Dy. Director Dr. Maqsood Ali on this occasion said that government was making sincere efforts to overcome epidemics and protect the masses from health hazards.

He said the promulgation of Public Health Emergency and Response ordinance 2017, was a crystal clear proof of government’s sincerity towards the well being of the population. He remarked that well coordinated efforts were being made for improved health facilities.