Admin accelerates operation against coronavirus SOPs violators; impounds 110 PSVs

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi District Administration including Regional Transport Authority (RTA) on the directives of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi Anwar ul Haq has accelerated its ongoing operation against coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) violators and conducting raids at Public Service Vehicles (PSVs).

According to a district administration spokesman, the authorities concerned conducted 134 raids at different routes and impounded 110 Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) besides imposing fines amounting to Rs 226, 000 on those violated SOPs issued by the Punjab government to contain spread of coronavirus.

The administration had conducted a large number of raids at PSVs at different routes to check implementation of the SOPs.

110 vehicles were impounded during last week besides penalizing the violators with fines amounting to 226, 000, he added.

He informed that RTA Rawalpindi teams had also been directed to launch an operation against PSVs and impound vehicles of the SOPs violators.

The authorities were conducting raids to ensure implementation of the SOPs to contain spread of coronavirus.

RTA squads constituted to check implementation of the SOPs had accelerated their raids.

Mobile squads were also performing duties at different public transport terminals and at various routes to facilitate the people, he added.

He said, the operation would continue and the vehicles found involved in violating the SOPs would be imposed fines or impounded.

It is pertinent to mention here that despite surge in COVID-19 cases in Rawalpindi district, the public transport, especially the van and Suzuki pick up based transport, poses a serious threat to the residents due to non-compliance with the SOPs as social distancing for prevention of coronavirus pandemic are being violated despite warnings and fines by the authorities concerned.

The district administration is taking strict actions against the transporters, shopping plazas, marriage halls, restaurants and other public places for not following all the precautionary measures.

A large number of vehicles were being inspected and fines were imposed by Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Rawalpindi but still, the transporters, drivers and passengers are not fully following the SOPs which may cause danger to the health system.

Majority of the citizens are not observing social distancing in the local transport and the transporters are just concerned about earning money through accommodating maximum passengers in a van or Suzuki pick ups. Hundreds of vans and Suzuki pick ups are plying as public transport and hundreds of passengers have no options except for using these over-crowded vehicles on different routes.