ADR Centre successfully solves property dispute

FAISALABAD: The Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (ADRC) Faisalabad has successfully mediated a complicated property dispute, pending with a civil court for the last two years.

ARD Centre Mediator Raja Aamer Aziz stated that he had received a reference for mediation in the case, already pending with the court of Civil Judge Saima Asif. According to case details, five real brothers Safdar, Arshad and Mohammad Afzal etc., and their mother had a dispute over a property. They had registered FIRs against each other and the case was pending adjudication in the court.

However, when the case was referred to ARD Centre, Raja Aamir Aziz conducted three successive sessions with the parties concerned and resolved the issue amicably.

Talking to reporter, the litigants expressed their satisfaction over the mediation proceedings.