ADRC settles 259 cases,ranked first amongst all districts of Pb

FAISALABAD: Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre (ADRC) Faisalabad has ranked first amongst all districts of Punjab as it successfully mediating in 259 cases since its became functional in June this year.

Raja Aamer Aziz mediator ADR Centre said that ADRCs were established across Punjab at district level following the orders of Lahore High Court to provide option to people for resolution of their disputes without getting involved in litigation.

He expressed satisfaction on the working of ADRC and said that a total of 311 references were received in the centre. Category wise 99 were of criminal nature while 77 civil,96 family cases,19 of guardianship, 6 of rent,3 appeals and 11 of miscellaneous nature.

He said that 259 cases were successfully mediated while only 12 were pending.Some 12 references were returned due to absence of parties while mediation failed in 22 cases,he added.

ADRC mostly deals with civil and family cases.However,compoundable criminal cases were also settled at the centre. “All parties approached ADRC with their free will and we conduct different sessions separately with the parties to discuss possible options for resolution of their disputes. Once a case is successfully mediated,the decision is final as no appeal lies against it”,Amer said.