ADRC settles 50 cases in Multan

MULTAN: The Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre (ADRC), recently established at district courts to resolve disputes between litigents sans further litigation, have successfully settled 50 cases since its inception here in June 2017.

The ADRCs were established all over Punjab at district level on the orders of Lahore High Court, to provide facility to the people to get their disputes resolved without going further into litigation and the set up was proving beneficial for parties willing to avoid litigation.

“There is no compulsion on parties to opt for ADRC.They all approach ADRC with their free will just to avoid chronic litigation,” said Mediator ADRC Multan, Riaz Ahmad Khan.

He said that free consent of both parties was beauty of the ADRC initivate-based on Section 89-A of the Civil Procedure Code 1908, adding that this system was also functioning successfully in different European countries.

He said that every disputed matter between litigents was kept confidential. The ADRC mostly deals with civil and family cases, however, some compoundable criminal cases are also settled at the centre, he added.

He said that an eighteen-month old rent dispute case was settled in just 30 minutes at the ADRC Multan, adding that many disputes between mother and son, father and son, husband and wife and others had been resolved successfully at the ADRC.

“We conduct different sessions separately with the parties where we discuss possible options for resolution of the disputes and also give time to them to think further and consult anyone they want to reach a conclusion”, he said.

The judges deputed as mediators had undergone special training before joining the ADRCs, Riaz Ahmad Khan said.