AJK legislative assembly calls for implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir

MIRPUR (AJK): Azad Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly have called upon the International community to play due role in implementing the UN resolution of January 5, 1949 that guarantees right to self determination to the people of Kashmir.

The AJK assembly met on Friday with Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir in the chair. The assembly unanimously passed the following resolution: Women participation has been an undeniable element of Kashmir’s resistance movement. The courageous women of Kashmir stood upright with men in every phase of the struggle whether it was political or armed. Breaking rigid socio–cultural constructs, they came out of their houses and eventually, their number rose to thousands. Meanwhile, the women Hurriat leaders organized separate programs for women.

Women have been at the receiving end of this occupation as direct and indirect victims of violence by the Indian forces. Women have lost their loved ones, husbands, brothers and sons, some of whom were killed and some never returned. This gave rise to a new sub-category among women, called half widows, women living in the hope of knowing whether their husbands are alive or dead. More over, rape have been committed by the Indian armed forces against kashmiri women and the figures are alarming , even though these cases have been documented by International Investigating Agencies such as Human Rights Watch and Physicians for Human rights, majority of such cases continue to remain unreported.

Women such as Asiya Andrabi, Anjum Zamarud Habib are arrested and tortured number of times by Indian forces. Other women such as Parveena Ahanger, who founded Association of Parents of Disappeared people (APDP), after her son was taken by the Indian armed forces never returned, have documented such cases and held peaceful protests on monthly basis. This parliament pays great tribute to all these Kashmiri women for their struggle and courage they showed in the cause of freedom struggle.

Women participation in politics has always played a great role in the political stage since the reform of Pakistan in 1947 where Fatima Jinnah, sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, had an active participation in the political sphere that had been an inspiration to all women in Pakistan.

Despite this rather mixed track, record on the promotion of women’s political empowerment, particularly with regard to women, roles in political parties. Pakistan has been a trend-setter for other Muslim countries when it comes to providing a positive example for women’s political participation. Benazir Bhutto, for instance, was the first ever woman Prime Minister of a Muslim country in 1988.

Similarly, Fahmida Mirza was the first woman Speaker of a National Assembly in the Muslim world. In addition to this, around 100 women members entered into the upper and lower houses of the

Pakistani National Assembly. Pakistan Muslim League stands for women empowerment and Maryam Nawaz is a role model of women empowerment and a great inspiration for today’s women who wanted to carry on political corridor.

Women of AJK played important role in politics; they constitute nearly half of the total population

of country.

To give chance in active participation in the decision making processes and determining how to resources be utilize and setting national priorities will not only improve the lot of women, it will also deepen democracy and strengthen the process of development in the country. Women’s equal participation in the politics in their basic right. And thus increasing women seats in the assembly is the need of time.

The Azad Jammu & Kashmir Assembly strongly condemned the United States of Amrica’s President Donal Trump’s decision to move US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Legislative Assembly recognizes such action against UN Resolutions and that would nullify plans for future

peaceful negotiations. This Assembly has given it firm standing position that this statement goes

directly against International Laws and Legal standards and beliefs of all, especially including 180 UN Security Council resolution 478, which declares Israel’s announcement of Jerusalem as its capita “null and void”.