AJK people marks Jumma Tul–Mubarak as the day of repentance to get rid of COVID-19 pandemic

MIRPUR (AJK): In response to the appeal of Azad Jammu Kashmir Prime Minister, Jummah Tul–Mubarak was marked throughout Azad Jammu Kashmir as the day of repentance and divine blessings for the Muslims to get rid of the fast-rising corona pandemic.

Haider had appealed to the people during jummah congregations bowed before ALLAH ALIMIGHTY for forgiveness of their sins and offered special prayers for the safety of the whole world from fast deteriorating situation of corona pandemic.

The ulema and religious scholars on this occasion urged upon the people to strictly follow Covid-19 guidelines and maintain social distance by avoiding large gatherings and strictly follow the instructions given by the government in connection with the corona pandemic.

Addressing Jammah congregation at central Jamia Masjid of Prime Minister House here the Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider said the pandemic has wreaked havoc in the whole world and even the super powers are seemed to be helpless before this pandemic.

He urged the people to offered special prayers and bow before ALLAH ALMIGHTY to save us from this pandemic which has become beyond control.

He said the country continues in the grip of the third wave of the corona virus and seeking Allah’s forgiveness is the only way to get rid of the world from the coronavirus pandemic.

He again appealed to the people to remain in their houses, maintain social distancing and strictly implement the SOPs and follow the directions given by the government to control the virus

The Prime Minister himself offered special prayer along with the worshipers in the Jumma congregation for the safety of the whole humanity in general and for the people of Azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir in particular.