AK observes International Labour Day

MIRPUR (AJK): In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the International Labour Day was observed on Saturday with simplicity due to the restrictions on holding of gatherings following the anti-corona SOPs.

In brief simple but impressive ceremonies hosted under the officially devised SOPs at various places by the labour organisations, speakers paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Chicago who laid down supreme sacrifices of their lives this day 135 years ago in US ancient city.

The observance of the international labour day in a simple manner was aimed at to pay rich tributes to those workers and labourers who laid down their lives for the achievement of their rights this day 135 years ago in Chicago.

The labourers across the world observe May 1st to commemorate the supreme sacrifices of the laborers who laid down their lives this day in 1886 while struggling for the achievement of the rights of their colleagues in Chicago – besides to pay tributes to them.

No special May Day rally or ceremony could be held in any district of AJK including in Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Neelam valley, Kotli, Bagh, Rawalakot, Sudhanoti, Hattiyan, Havaili and Bhimbher districts to observe the day due to the prohibitory orders in form of the ongoing lockdown to avert spread of corona virus in the state.

Various representative organizations of workers and labourers of different private and public sector institutions individually observed the day by staying at their homes.

In Mirpur, a simple ceremony with specific arrangements following the set SOPs maintaining the social distance among few of the participants, leaders of various labourers, workers forums, was hosted by Jammu and Kashmir Peoples National Party PNP’s Chairman Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja Advocate here Saturday at his residence at native village of Seva to observe the day for paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Chicago.

Member National Assembly Mohsin Daawer was the chief guest on this occasion with the JK PNP Chief Raja Zulfiqar Ahmed Advocate in the chair.

Addressing the ceremony speakers including the chief guest MNA Mohsin Daawer, the host and Raja Zulfiqar Ahmed, Tahir Bostan Advocate, chief spokesperson of the PNP Habib ur Rehman and others vowed to continue the mission of the martyrs of Chicago to secure and safeguard due rights, dignity and honour of laborers.

Speakers highlighted the importance of this historic universal day, besides paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Chicago.

Paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Jammu and Kashmir, speakers reiterated their firm resolve to continue the mission of the valiant sons of the soil who laid down the sacrifices of their lives to bring the struggle for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir with full vigor till it reach to its logical end.

Speakers said that best way to pay tributes to the martyrs of Chicago was to follow their footsteps for procuring and safeguarding the rights of the working class.

JK PNP Chairman Raja Zulfiqar Ahmed Advocate reiterated his party’s firm resolve, on this occasion to continue all out sincere endeavours to ameliorate the life of the common man besides the neglected class including the poor and down trodden and labourers (working class).