Al-Khidmat Foundation distributed meals among members of rehabilitation team at Urdu Bazaar

RAWALPINDI: The Al-Khidmat Foundation here on Wednesday distributed meals and other food items among workers who were busy in rehabilitation and reconstruction works at Urdu Bazaar where several shops were reduced to ashes due to eruption of fire few days back.

The ill-fated incident inflicted millions of property losses to the affected traders.

Talking to the traders and rehabilitation workers, President Al- Khidmat Foundation district Rawalpindi Ch Munir Ahmed also announced that the Foundation would provide meals and other edibles to the rescue and rehabilitation workers till conclusion of work.

Expressing his sympathy with the affected traders and other shopkeepers on the occasion, he said that the volunteers of the Foundation were always standing shoulder to shoulder with the affectees in their every difficult moment. He asked the government to help and assist the traders in standing them back on their feet.

The delegation of Al-Khidmat Foundation comprising on its District President Ch Munir Ahmed, General Secretary Javed Akhtar, Vice-President Malik Yaqoob, Mirza Shamsul Haq, Nadeemullah Chohan and Coordinator JI Youth Malik Tanveer Akhtar visted the affected area and met with the affectees.

President Traders Association Urdu Bazar Nadeem Shah, General Secretary Syed Shahid Ali and other office-bearers of the Association were also present on the occasion.