Anti-State forces conspiring to destabilize Pakistan for their vested interest: Maulana Fazlur Rehman

PESHAWAR: Chief of his own faction of JUI Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that certain foreign forces under an engineered conspiracy were trying to destabilize Pakistan for their vested interest in the region.

Anti Pakistan elements were out to create political crises in the country in a bid to achieve their targets. USA and India have now come in open against CPEC which is a key to success for Pakistan and game changer for the region.

Addressing Mujahid Khan Al-Hussaini conference here, the JUIF Chief said the blood of the Muslim was being shed mercilessly from Palestine to Burma, Afghanistan has been ruined, and its flames have affected the whole Pakistan today. The people of Pakistan would frustrate all such designs of the anti state forces tooth and nail.

Fata issue was being politicized deliberately and those who were staging Dharna in Islamabad for merger of Fata into KP today have no representation of the tribesmen as many of them are political workers of KP.

Fata is a serious issue, he said adding if we want to settle this matter we have to move forward in a sober and serious manner to this effect. Dharna in Islamabad for Fata merger was no solution to the problem.

The strength of JUIF should not be considered weak adding D Chowk would be lesser for us if we stage dharna in Islamabad. The anti Islam forces under the garb of Hudood Ordinance, women rights, and blasphemy laws etc were trying to amend the constitution of the country.

He said that we are giving a clear message to the world community that we are a peace loving nation and will never accept subjugation or slavery. This region cannot progress unless the regional countries end their conflicts.

China was looking towards Pakistan through CPEC and Pakistan was foreseeing a good future. Pakistan and China’s seventy years relations were time tested. CPEC was harbinger of development for the region as it would not only change fate of the Pakistan and Afghanistan but other countries too.

But unfortunately today our country was being destabilized through creating political differences among the political entities. We are trying to win against each other in our own country without caring for the results that somebody were trying to roll back us. USA has made the CPEC controversial as stance of the USA and India was against Pakistan and China viz a viz CPEC.

He alleged that certain elements wanted to convert Islamic Pakistan into secular State by promoting their culture.

Severely criticizing the performance of the KP government, he said we know who imposed PTI on us. PTI had claimed to establish industrial units in the KP but today majority of the industrial units were closed in the province.

The education system has been ruined in the province by PTI and has no money to pay salaries to the teachers. Imran Khan has been imposed on KP by the foreign forces for the fulfillment of their foreign agenda to