CCPO inaugurates live transmission on YouTube to guide citizens about City Traffic

PESHAWAR: Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Abbas Ahsan Wednesday inaugurated live transmission on YouTube Channel to guide Citizens about traffic rules and traffic flow.

The live transmission on YouTube would also show alternative routes in case of traffic jam on one route in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Talking to media soon after inaugurating the live Transmission on YouTube, the CCPO said that the YouTube Live Transmission Channel will save citizens valuable time. He said that YouTube Live Transmission is a link to IT reforms and the citizens could take full advantage of it.

CCPO Abbas Ahsan said the citizen should subscribe to Peshawar’s YouTube channel so that they become aware of all kinds of information besides the opinion of experts from various fields who will participate in the YouTube live transmission.

The experts will share their views on education, law, road safety and traffic laws with viewers, CCPO Abbas Ahsan informed. He disclosed that E-challan, installation of cameras, duty roster have already been launched for the convenience of citizens and traffic wardens and personnel.

The CCPO told that City Traffic Police is using all its capabilities to resolve traffic problems and digitize Peshawar and it was top most priority to run City Traffic Police Peshawar under modern requirements.

Chief Traffic Officer Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat said on this occasion that City Traffic Police will present Peshawar as a role model for the entire province. The police would guide the citizens by saving the valuable time in case of traffic overcrowding on different points. The citizens would be ensured first-hand information about the routes besides providing them road safety and traffic laws, Chief Traffic Officer Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat said.