Chinese DCM visits RCCI

RAWALPINDI: Chinese, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Zhao Lijian Monday visited Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(RCCI) and was accompanied by economic and trade counsellors Shen Zichang and Liu Shijie.

Addressing a large gathering of traders, Zhao Lijian said that China had invested in Power and Infrastructure that resulted in improved electricity and better road network in Pakistan under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He said that Pakistan and China are enjoying best mutual, trade, bilateral, cultural and social relations.

Zhao Lijian appreciated the role of RCCI in promoting trade relations between the two countries and said that his office

would provide full assistance to RCCI in organizing business opportunity conference in Beijing China.

He also accepted the RCCI President invitation for All Pakistan Chambers Presidents Conference in Gawadar to be held in March this year and assured his full assistance and cooperation in connecting Chinese Chamber of Commerce and companies

with Pakistani chambers and companies in the upcoming conference.

He said under CPEC project four key areas had been marked as top priority including Power, Infrastructure,

Gawadar port and Special Economic Zones (SEZ). With heavy investments in power and infrastructure, within four years,

everyone in Pakistan can witness the progress made in these areas. Now, there is less load-shedding and better road

networks which would help the overall economy of Pakistan, he added. The progress is the answer to the negative forces

which are against CPEC, he said.

“Now, we are moving to the third and fourth phase of CPEC, Gawadar Free Zone development and SEZ. Industrialization

under CPEC, SEZ will help Pakistan to improve its GDP, poverty alleviation and unemployment. Both Pakistani and Chinese governments are working hard to complete all projects within stipulated time frame, he added.

Earlier, RCCI Chief Zahid Latif Khan, in his welcome address, appreciated Chinese DCM for giving detail

information on CPEC.

He said with this interactive session the doubts and misconception among the traders and business community has been resolved. Now, the business community has better and clear picture of CPEC and SEZ, he added.

He said, “We understand that there are certain anti CPEC forces creating distrust among the governments and business community.

However, more interactions with chamber of commerce and exchange of delegations are imperative to nullify such

anti-CPEC elements, he added.

Senior Vice President Mohammad Nasir Mirza, Vice President Khalid Farooq Qazi, group leader Suhail Altaf, former

presidents, members of the executive committee and a large number of traders attended the meeting.