Citrus exports attached to quality yield,growers’ attention needed for improvement of orchards: CRIS seminar concluded

SARGODHA:The Citrus orchards were facing diseases attacks due to improper care of orchards which also causing decreases in the exports while proper care and consultation was needed here to improve the quality and yield.

The participants in a seminar organized here Thursday by the Citrus Research Institute Sargodha (CRIS) concluded crux in the seminar and added that only disease free kinnow can enhance exports from the country.

The speakers said that kinnow orchards were needed proper care and attention of the growers to improve kinnow quality for exports.

Talking to seminar here at CRIS, the Director General Ayub Research Center Faisalabad Dr Abid Mehmood said farmers should provide consultation regarding improvement of their orchards.

The basic purpose of CRIS was provision of healthy saplings among growers, he said and added that diseases free plants were also being prepared here so that exports could be improved with quality kinnow cultivation.

He advised growers to cultivate other fruits in their orchards for getting reasonable share of exports adding that soil testing was also necessary before cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

The Director CRIS Nawaz Maiken expressing concerns on overall kinnow quality said CRIS was striving hard to prepare disease free saplings through isolation blocks.

He said that CRIS has also started mechanical pruning process to improve per acre yield of Citrus.

He informed that country’s export rate is limited from 10 to 15 percent while diseases including citrus Canker, Scrap and gaining were the basic reason behind poor kinnow quality.

He said that four green houses have also been established here to make seedless kinnow variety adding that eight thousand saplings were ready for cultivation.

He added that 150 varieties of citrus were available in the CRIs which were being distributed to the growers on government rates.

The CRIS was also making efforts to improve the quality of citrus and consultations were being held between growers and CRIS experts in this regard, the Director CRIS Nawaz Maikan told reporter.

The Director General Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Rehana Farhat also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the CRIS and PHA for preparing a nursery of fruit saplings which would be installed in the city areas under Clean and Green Pakistan program.

The Plant Pathologists Malik Abdul Rehman briefed farmers about diseases to Citrus yield and asked growers to make sure close liaison with the CRIS experts.