CM Sindh announces up-gradation of Government College Hyderabad to University

HYDERABAD: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Sindh has announced the up-gradation of historic Government College Hyderabad to the level of University here on Monday night on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the college.

The Chief Minister while addressing a colourful ceremony as a chief guest said that Government College Hyderabad has completed 100 years of its grandeur and academic excellence and we all have gathered here to celebrate its long academic journey.

“This institution has produced numerous talented people in almost every field,” he said and added that it was is not only the college that has academic excellence but also, it is a national heritage. “I have also approved Rs40 million for restoration of the lost glories of the college building and its library,” he said.

Earlier, the Chief Minister also inaugurated the newly renovated library of the college, established in 1920 with the donation of an alumnus and an affluent citizen of Hyderabad Mr. Partab Rae son of Diyaldas Moolchand.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said “this college has given us a lot, it has shaped up the future of our elders, our brothers and friends and even most of us sitting here today have received education in this college and this institute of higher learning would further flourish to continue its journey for provision of quality education to our children and to our future generations.”

The Chief Minister said the Degree College Hyderabad has served a lot to the people of this province and now “ it is our turn to give it something bigger and better,” he said and went on saying “I am proudly announcing to grant Government College Hyderabad the status of a University for which the process has been started,” he said and added “I am sure it would turn to be one of the best universities in the country.”

He pointed out that there was a growing concern that while there has been a quantitative increase in university education, the quality of education has suffered. “we have to dilute this concern through our hard work and merit-based decisions,” he said and added “We will have to carefully induct a best faculty of the university.”

He said that teachers hold a privileged position because their values, attitudes and knowledge can have a lasting effect on their students’ self-esteem, ability to think, to research and to evaluate the importance of what they learn.

“This college had exceptionally good teachers who were dedicated to their profession, as a result of which it had produced some of the best minds”, he said and hoped that the management would continue the legacy of producing best minds from this University.

The Chief Minister while paying rich tribute to Dr Annie Besant who had founded Government College on Oct 1, 1917 said “The sapling she had planted has grown up into a mighty tree of 100 years, and today it has embarked upon a new journey of a University,” he said and added “the day the college was founded in October 1, 1917 was one of the historic and challenging day for its founders but they excelled with best of their abilities.

Again, like October 1, 1917, the Oct 9, 2017 is a historic day when the college has been give the status of University and now it is a big challenge for all of us and we have to excel once again, he said adding that the institution which founded by Dr Annie has not only completed 100 years of its excellence but has achieved up-gradation to the level of university today.

He also recalled the services of those who wanted to educate people of Sindh had generously donated for establishment of Government College Hyderabad adding that they must also be remembered today.

While mentioning the name of Seth Pertab Rai Manghar Singh, who gifted sixty-four acres of his fertile land along the left bank of Phuleli Canal, the Chief Minister informed that another noble man, who never disclosed his name had donated Rs.20,000 apart from the total donation of rupees forty thousand which was collected by National Educational Trust for the establishment of this college.

The chief Minister lauded the services of Shahani family and Diwan Dayaram Gidumal Shahani, who under the aegis of “Diwan Metharam Gidumal Darmada Trust” donated Rs. 100,000 for initial setup, and this amount turned to be the sole source for the affiliation of this nucleus of knowledge with Bombay University (1921).

Earlier, the Chief Minister visited the college and the library along with Minister Education Jam Mehtab Dahar and Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro. The Principal of the college briefed him about the uplift works he has completed or are being completed.