Commissioner barred SBCA from conversion of plots

HYDERABAD:Commissioner Hyderabad division Mohammad Abbass Baloch has barred Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) to stop according commercial status converted from the residential plots on the basis of ‘rule card’.

In a letter addressed to the SBCA’s Regional Director, the Commissioner gave reference of Supreme Court mandated Water Commission’s order of November 9, 2018, in relation to the issue of converting status of the plots.

He said under the order he and Secretary Local Government were assigned inquiry into the matter of conversion from the residential to commercial status of the plots.

The commissioner noted that converting the status on the basis of ‘rule card’ was unlawful.

According to Baloch, only Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) was competent to allow the conversion.

An official source of the SBCA informed the reporter, that the rule card process referred to acknowledgment of a plot as commercial by the City Survey department following which the SBCA approved the conversion.

The Water Commission earlier in November last year imposed a ban on conversion of residential plots into commercial.