Commissioner urges citizens to play role to control dengue

RAWALPINDI:Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Capt. (r) Saqib Zafar has urged the citizens to come forward and play their role to control dengue and adopt precautionary measures to protect them from dengue.

Talking to reporter he said, with the increasing number of dengue cases in the city, the district health authorities accelerated their ongoing campaign against dengue. He called on the citizens to make it a daily habit to destroy the breeding sites of dengue mosquitoes.

The commissioner said, there is no room for complacency even though dengue cases remain manageable in the city.

He said, proper arrangements for medical treatment of dengue patients were finalized in three allied hospital of the city in May this year. Special wards were set up in Allied hospitals of the city, he said.

To a question he said, 10 private hospitals were also providing medical treatment to the patients admitted with dengue fever.

He said, “It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure their homes are kept clean at all times. We are urging everyone to destroy the breeding sites of dengue mosquitoes.”

The Commissioner informed that a campaign was being run by the administration to create awareness on dengue. He further said, the citizens should adopt precautionary measures also at their homes especially after monsoon rains.

The district health authorities on the directives of the Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar were discharging their duties effectively but the citizens should also come forward and play a role to control dengue, he added.

The citizens should realize their duties to save them and their families from the dengue fever, he said adding, with the recent monsoon rains in the city, the peak season of the virus had already begun and precautionary measures at this stage are a must.

He also urged the people to properly cover themselves from their wrists to collars and their ankles from mosquitoes.

Saqib Zafar advised the citizens to use mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito coils. He said, sprays at homes are also necessary to destroy the breeding points of mosquitoes and to stop further prevalence of this disease.

He said, the department has been educating the citizens about precautionary measures in order to avoid dengue virus.

Prevention is better than cure, he said adding that the dengue virus could be controlled by following precautionary measures and conducting anti-dengue sprays.

People should fully cover their bodies especially at dawn and dusk and do not let water accumulate anywhere so as larva could not breed around their houses, he added.

He said mosquitoes breed primarily in containers like earthenware jars, metal drums and concrete cisterns used for domestic water storage, as well as discarded plastic food containers, used automobile tyres and other items that collect rain water.

The Commissioner said that dengue is a mosquito-borne infection, which in recent years has become a major public health concern.