Conspiracies being hatched against country, constitution: Khurshid Shah

KANDHKOT: Opposition leader Khurshid Shah has said on Tuesday that conspiracies are being hatched against the country and constitution.

While talking to media, he warned that the country will face serious challenges if the politicians did not take the present situation seriously.

Shah termed Musharraf a ‘coward’ and alleged that he is conspiring against Pakistan while threatening the countrymen. “If Nawaz Sharif can appear before the court for the supremacy of law, then why cannot Musharraf?” he asked.

Responding to a question, the opposition leader notified that MQM has closed the doors of Karachi for Sindhi people. He asserted that power-hungry politicians are now making alliance with MQM but it would not affect PPP in any way.

He urged the politicians to decide wisely as the current scenario of the country is not fine.