Corona virus claims 12 more lives in KP, infection cases increasing

PESHAWAR: The war of the coronavirus continued as 12 more persons have died across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the last 24 hours during its deadly third wave.

With 12 more dead, the death toll from Corona in the province has risen to 2, 469 and 610 more people were infected with the corona virus in 24 hours, an official of Health Department confirmed here on Tuesday.

He disclosed that the total number of corona cases in the province has reached 93, 033.

He said that in the last 24 hours a total of 150 Corona patients recovered and with this number the toll of people recovering from Corona in the province has risen to 79, 030.

He said nine people have died of the virus in Peshawar only as the Corona virus has so far killed 1327 people in Peshawar. In Peshawar, a total of 171 new cases of corona were reported, he said, adding, that the number of corona cases in Peshawar has risen to 38, 020.

Answering a question, he informed that 7, 198 new tests were conducted in one day in the province with a total of 1, 396, 885 tests have been conducted in the province so far.

He said the number of active cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is 11, 534. He also urged the people to follow the corona SOPs issued by the provincial government including use of masks, social distancing and washing hands on a regular basis.

He appealed to the people that do not go out unnecessarily in the bazaars, markets, and in any other places by safeguarding yourself and your family.