Crackdown against encroachment directed

RAWALPINDI:Chief Officer (CO) Rawal Town Administration Khalid Javed Goraya directed to launch crackdown on daily basis to purge the city from encroachers.

He said that no one would be allowed to violate law adding that strict action would be taken against the encroachers and their goods would confiscated.

He urged the traders to cooperate with the staff for eradicating encroachment adding that it would help in regulating smooth traffic.

The encroachment mafia is freely ruling Raja Bazaar, Bara Bazaar, Trunk Bazaar, China Market, Iqbal Road, City Saddar Road, Mochi Bazaar, Dalgaran Bazaar, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Commercial Market, Banni, Jamia Masjid Road, Asghar Mall Road, Faizabad, Double Road, Pirwadhai, Dhoke Mangtal, Dhoke Ratta, Gangmandi, Adiala Road and even Benazir Bhutto Road in city while Tench Bhatta, Chungi No.22 Road and sevral areas.

On the other hand, encroachment creating hurdles in smooth flow of traffic and motorists have to face difficulties in reaching their destination.