CTP finalise Traffic plan for Ashura

RAWALPINDI: City Traffic Police (CTP) have finalized all the arrangements to maintain traffic flow on Ashura day.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Yousaf Ali Shahid said that enhanced number of traffic wardens under the supervision of DSPs and Inspectors of the city traffic police had been deployed on city roads to control the traffic.

Alternate routes would be made to facilitate the motorists in different areas and traffic would be diverted on 48 different routes of the city on Ashura, he added.

The CTO said as part of the security measures, entry of vehicular traffic from Committee Chowk to Iqbal Road would strictly be banned on 10th Muharram.

There would be complete ban on parking of any vehicles and handcarts on the route of procession, he added.

“No vehicle will be allowed on DAV College Road and Iqbal Road. The public transport for city Saddar Road will be diverted to Mohanpura Road and traffic from Novelty Cinema will reach Pirwadhai through Kashmiri Bazaar while traffic coming from Gunjmandi will be diverted to Pirwadhai and Dhoke Dalal.”

No negligence on part of police personnel would be tolerated and strict action would be taken in this regard, Yousaf said.