CTP issued 65661 driving licenses in 2017; delivered 1855 lectures to create awareness about traffic rules

RAWALPINDI: City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi issued 65661 driving licenses during 2017 and over 150,000 learner permits while 1855 lectures were arranged to create awareness among the people about traffic rules and road safety.

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi, Yousaf Ali Shahid talking to reporter informed that 42091 driving licenses were fresh while 19375 old licenses were also renewed during the period. CTP Rawalpindi made 946 international driving licenses and also endorsed 1458, he added.

Yousaf Ali said, 1791 duplicate licenses were also issued to the applicants.

To a question he said, computerized driving licenses were issued under a transparent procedure.

The CTO said that the citizens should directly contact licensing branch of the traffic police and get all required information in this regard so that they could not face any difficulty regarding issuance of driving license.

He said the citizens can contact helpline 1915 of CTP to get any information and guidance.

To a question he said,

Education Wing of CTP under its efforts to create awareness among the people about traffic rules and road safety delivered 1855 lectures besides organizing 40 traffic awareness weeks and 27 traffic awareness walks.

Yousaf Ali Shahid, CTP Education Wing on the directive of Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi, Mohammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja arranged 270 lectures for male and female students in schools, colleges and universities while 300 lectures were organized for Public Service Vehicles drivers. 89 special radio programs about traffic updates were broadcasted to facilitate the road users.

He said, similarly, 155 road public briefings through multi media and 210 through public address system were held during the period.

The CTO further informed that over 70,000 road safety and traffic rules pamphlets were distributed among the motorists during last year while 700 banners were also displayed at important intersections of the town. 220 special lectures were arranged for public service drivers at van and bus stands and different routes. 950 reflecting stickers were pasted on the slow moving vehicles at different routes. He said, CTP also educated the citizens about smog and fog.

Awareness campaigns were launched to educate the citizens and the drivers of Public Service Vehicles about lane/line, zebra crossing, traffic rules and road safety.

The motorists should follow traffic rules, he said adding, the campaigns were started to acquaint people with traffic laws while inculcating better traffic sense among them.