CUVAS’ research would help in boosting economy

BAHAWALPUR: Secretary, Livestock and Dairy Development, Nadeem Irshad Kayani has said that scientific research being conducted by the state-run Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CUVAS) would result in enhancing dairy and meat products, participating in boost of national economy.

He was addressing at ceremony held at CUVS here, he said that economy of several countries including the European countries had depended on exports of food and dairy products.

He said that with the help of scientific research and methods, meat and dairy production could be increased.“The Pakistan government first conducted study to assess the food and dairy development of several countries and later,decided to establish Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences,” he said.

Delivering his speech, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, Director General, Extension Wing, Livestock and Dairy Development said that some European countries had been earning huge money by export of meat and dairy products. “By increasing contribution of meat and dairy products in exports, our country could get great boost in the national economy.

Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Project Coordinator, Progressive Control of FMD in Pakistan, FAO Islamabad said that the public and private sector universities should pay special attention towards education and skill-based knowledge to increase meat and dairy production. He said that his organization had ready to extend it’s fully cooperation in this regard.

Salman Mirza, the Registrar of CUVAS said that 19 departments of the university had strength of 1070 students who were being imparted standard education by the qualified academicians. He said that standard research was being conducted at CUVAS at per international standard. He said that over 1300 animals and pets were provided with treatment at CUVAS since September 2019 to onward.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ali Raza Abbasi, Additional Director, Livestock Cholistan and Dr. Aamir Mehmood Bukhari, Divisional Director Livestock Bahawalpur put light on livestock activities in the region.