Development projects in remote areas of Swat to remove sense of deprivation

PESHAWAR: Minister for Housing, Dr. Amjad Ali on Tuesday said various development projects have been launched in far-flung and backward areas of Swat to remove their sense of deprivation.

He said that ongoing development projects were being monitored and warned concerned authorities that no negligence would be tolerated in the execution of projects.

In a statement , he said that completion of the projects would lead to development, employment and prosperity in the region.

The minister said that irrigation and water channel projects in village Serai and Union Council Kota including solarization scheme in primary school in village Abuha and power supply projects in village Dadhra, Zaman Khel Barikot, Gogdara and Koda Gayi have been completed.

He said that work on link roads was in full swing in Union Council Pardai village Terang, Panjigram, village Ghalige, Nove Kalay and Odigram Ghazi.

He said that the completion of these projects would not only solve power availability and irrigation issue but would also boost agriculture and horticulture.

He also directed the people and party workers to monitor quality of these projects.