Dewali festival to be observed on Oct 19

HYDERABAD:Like other parts of the country, 3-day celebrations of the Hindu festival of Diwali will begin in Hyderabad from October 19.

The Hindu community of in Hyderabad and other cities and towns of sindh have already started preparations for Dewali festival that would be celebrated on October 19 with great enthusiasm.

Dewali is a colorful festival involving lighting candles, worship, celebration and prayers, where ‘prashad’ is being offered to all devotees. On Dewali, being the festival of lights, thousands of lamps are to be lit in and outside every home on the day.

The celebrations continue for five days and each day of Dewali celebration is associated with different myths, legends and beliefs.

Dewali is considered auspicious for shopping, inaugurations of new homes, business deals or for starting any new venture or project. Besides, the owners of sweet shops and bakeries also took preliminary start of Dewali preparation and it will increase with the passage of time as majority of the Hindus prefer to buy sweets and cakes to serve their visitors on the occasion.