Educational institutes reopened across KP

PESHAWAR:The educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities have been reopened across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday.

All the Government and private educational institutions of 9th grade and above classes were reopened under a set of standards operating procedures (SOPs) today as per the decision of the Federal Government.

If the pandemic situation remain controlled, then students in grade six to eight will return to school on September 23, while students in nursery to grade five will return to classes on September 30.

These educational institutions were closed in March due to coronavirus and were opened today after a gap of six and half months.

SOPs for all educational institutions of public and private sectors have been prepared by Education Department underwhich use of masks for all students and teachers, besides cleanliness of schools on daily basis was made mandatory.

The management of educational institutions have been directed to make arrangements for availability of soaps and water for washing of hands of the students and teachers with regular intervels, ensure distancing of students in class rooms and avoiding shaking of hands and hugging in educational institutions.

Holding of assembly and others such like gatherings besides taking or sharing of meals would not be permitted.

In case of COVID-19 symptoms, the parents have been asked not to send their children to schools, colleges and universities.

KP Government has constituted special committees at districts and schools level with representation to all stakeholders to ensure implementation of SOPs.

District Education Officers (DEOs) will lead a six members mointoring committees in their respective districts comprising a Principal (BS 20), SDEOs, ASDEOs, chairman of teachers-parents councils and a representative of the health department.

The schools committees would be headed by headmaster, teachers and community members. These committees would be further monitored by Education Mointoring Authority, Government of KP.

These committees would ensure implementation of SOPs in schools, colleges and universities besides preparing reports of the teachers and students in case of symptoms of coronavirus, which would be submitted to education department on weekly basis.

“I am very happy to return my school today after a gap of six and half months, ” said Malaika Khan, a student of a private school while talking to reporter.

She said opening of schools for 9th class and onward was a praiseworthy decision of the Government in the prevailing situation, adding students of higher classes were matured enough to adopt all safety measures including use of masks, washing of hands with soaps and social distancing in educational institutions against coronavirus.

She said cooperation of all stakeholders including teachers, students and parents were important for continuation of studies and protection of their loved ones against coronavirus.

Khushal Khan Ahmed, a student of a private University in Peshawar has also welcomed reopening of educational institutions across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and declared it an important decision towards resumption of studies.

He said it would save academic year of millions of students and provide better atmosphere to them to continue their studies in schools, colleges and universities across the province.

He held an appeal to parents not to bring their children to schools in case of COVID-19 symptoms.

Together, we can move forward on path of education in the wake of coronavirus pandemic that was largely controlled in the country, he said.