Election code violations: Over 100 complaints registered

MULTAN: The district monitoring teams have so far registered over 100 complaints against candidates for violation of the election code of conduct in Multan district.

Additional Deputy Commissioner General (ADCG) Asif Hayat Lodhi told reporter that violators would face fine, adding that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has fixed maximum

limit for fine at Rs 50,000. However, repetition of violation or the second violation may render the candidate concerned disqualified by the ECP.

According to the statistics, nine violations were recorded in PP-220 of NA-158 (Shujabad), two violations in PP-221 of NA-158, three violations in PP-222 of NA-159 (Jalalpur Pirwala),

22 violations from PP-212 of NA-154, seven violations in PP-218 of NA-157, one violation in PP-219 of NA-157, three violations in PP-213 of NA-155, seven violations in PP-214 of NA-155, nine

violations in PP-215 of NA-156, 17 violations in PP-216 of NA-156, and 22 violations in PP-217 of NA-156 constituency.

The ADCG said that the monitoring teams were operating to take action against violators of election code of conduct without any discrimination.

All these violations relate to billboards and panaflex candidates have used in line with their election campaigns, the official said.