Electioneering for Sialkot DBA gains momentum

SIALKOT: Electioneering for the annual elections of Sialkot District Bar Association (DBA) is gaining momentum as the polling day on Jan 13 draws near.

Four candidates Mohammad Irfanul Haq, Abdul Kahliq Naru, Mujahid Rasul and Faiz Ullah Cheechi are in the field for the slot of the presidentship of Sialkot DBA.

Two candidates Imtiaz Qadeer and BM Aslam were contesting for the slot of vice president and three candidates Suhail Iqbal, Malik Mohammad Shabir and Chaudhry Ajmal Abbas contesting for the seat of general secretary of Sialkot DBA.

While, Sheraz Aslam has already been elected as the joint secretary unopposed, Mian Asad Ullah elected unopposed as finance secretary and Mohammad Umer Bajwa as library secretary.